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Testimonies from Living Waters participants.

"Living Waters created an environment of safety and community that encouraged us to step into our story, allowing God to heal wounds from our past and discover our true identity in Christ."

“The ministry of Living Waters Montana and my involvement as both a participant and staff member in the program has been life changing.  David and Elizabeth’s courageous leadership in the area of addictions and relational wholeness has been healing in every area of my life.  The willingness to share their journey in honesty and create a safe place for others to share their stories is unique in the Body of Christ today.  It is exciting to see David and Elizabeth respond to the anointed calling on their lives and eternally rewarding to those who encounter healing and freedom through this ministry.”  

“Through Living Waters, God gently drew my attention from my imperfections and areas of sin and refocused my attention on Him. I am now defined through Him and not through anything I have or haven’t done.”

Overcoming Fear!

Overcoming Fear!

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Testimonies from Living Waters participants.

“I have struggled with anger at women, but Living Waters healed areas, and helped me honor my wife and women in general. In fact, I have learned that God embodies both the masculine and feminine, and both are blessed.”

“I have learned how important community is. I need to know that God loves me as I am and that others can too. Also, childhood abuse had led to relationship difficulties. But I am now closer to God and others.”

“I walked into Living Waters ashamed and quite broken. I had learned many habits that kept walls up between other people and me. As hard as I tried to connect with others, I was just so angry and codependent that I couldn’t move forward in life.”

“Living Waters gave me the tools, through small group prayer and teaching from the Word, to be able to connect with my emotions and even more so, with the Lord.”

“I have felt burdens released through prayer. So many chains were broken, sins forgiven and forsaken, generational sins broken, hurtful words prayed against. I will never forget the healing that has taken place in Living Waters.”

“Through Living Waters, God has given me an increasing confidence in my manhood, faith, talents, relationships and my place in the Christian community. I no longer cower away from God and church because I struggle with certain sins, but run to Him stronger because He offers comfort and strength in my weakness.”

“In Living Waters I learned that I need not be afraid and self-reliant, but that God is with me and is my protector. In fact, I am His divine masterpiece!”

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